Pelleting process the application and development of proprietary Chinese medicine processing of ancient China. Now widely used in the preparation of the pharmaceutical industry, powder metallurgy materials and their alloys, metallurgy, ceramics and fertilizer industry. Production of diamond tools in recent years in order to improve the production efficiency and quality of the ferrule so that it can automate the production, development and application of the pelleting process.
Pelleting process in powder metallurgy and diamond tool industry and development, due mainly it has the following advantages:
A. Flowability, improved and improvement. Powder granulation, the particle diameter is larger than the original powder particle size to reduce the number of particles around the particles come into contact with, so the adhesion, cohesion and mutual friction force is greatly diminished, in order to improve and enhance the pellet mobility.
Two. Reduce segregation and aggregation of the powder and the diamond, the more uniform distribution, to improve the performance of the products. Granulation process in advance powder, diamond and binder mixture evenly, then add the solvent wetting and then mixed with the granulation, each diamond the quilt powder wrapped, and then cold press forming and sintering, it is to prevent segregation and diamond powder aggregation, thereby increasing the sintering properties, uniformity and stability of the product.
3. Improve the size and weight of the precision of the products, due to the improvement of the mobility of the mixed powder is filled with cold pressing of the powder products is more uniform, Cold pressed product of the geometric dimensions and weight accuracy. This suppression of the profiled products, sandwich cutter head and the transition layer of the laser welded saw blade cutter head better.
4. Reduce the loss of cold pressing mold. Powder flowability, are diamond powder wrapped in more uniform distribution of cold pressing mold loss is reduced mold life expectancy has increased by more than 50%.
5 Improve the efficiency and economy of the cold process, create the conditions for the realization of the cold pressing automated production. Due to the improvement of powder flow, the die life, making the higher ordinary weighing automatic cold press efficiency, making the volume automatic cold press it possible. Such as the introduction of the diamond tool industry in Germany Dr. Fritsch, of KPV-160, a foreign company 32VPM volume cold press, according to the head design, the operating parameters entered into the computer, basically do not have someone to look after, and automatic production. According to Dr. Fritsch, company information, granulation and cold press of the displacement, the heads suppress the time reduced from 32S to 10S; die life from 12,000 to 25,000; cold pressing costs reduced from $ 0.35 to $ 0.11.
6. Reduce the pollution on the hazards of the workers body powder. Powder to reduce the use of pelleting process, the particles not easily broken, easy to custody and transport, flying dust pollution greatly reduced.

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